A lighter way to live and lead 
in a heavy world 
by Alan Briggs


Created as an engaging companion to the book designed to enhance your reading experience. This series offers succinct video overviews of each section, providing practical insights and actionable advice to help you navigate the complexities of leadership and personal well-being. Ideal for both new readers and those familiar with the book, these summaries delve deeper into key concepts and strategies for living and leading without burnout. This series serves as a valuable tool for reflection, allowing you to apply the book’s principles effectively as you embark on your journey to a lighter, more fulfilling life and leadership style.

Life and leadership are heavy. We need a lighter way.  

Key quotes from the book 

“We desperately need healthy and whole leaders to light a path forward with lanterns of hope and optimism, not torches of fear and outrage.”

“When clarity goes up, overwhelm goes down." 

“Proactivity allows a leader to play defense and offense, protecting their priorities while capitalizing on new opportunities.”

“When we’re confused about our commitments distractions are overwhelming, but when we’re clear about our commitments distractions are manageable."

a note from alan briggs

I’m burdened by the heaviness leaders carry. For the last five years, I’ve focused on preventing burnout and arming leaders with the mindset and tools to stay healthy and shape healthy cultures.

AntiBurnout is helpful for anyone who cares about their health, especially those who lead others. These words are honest and real, no fluff. This book is packed with practical ideas, tools and questions to help you lighten the leadership load and keep climbing.  


Alan Briggs helps catalytic leaders leverage catalytic moments for systemic change. 

He does this through Leadership Coaching, Sabbatical Coaching, Working Genius training and consulting at Stay Forth. He also connects leaders in meaningful ways through a hub and ecosystem in Colorado Springs called Gather. He has one incredible wife and four incredible kids and loves finding adventures in the Rockies. His next book, AntiBurnout, helps leaders find lightness and longevity.  

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